Temple Trips Of Jr NTR And Deepika Padukone

Temple Trips Of Jr NTR And Deepika Padukone

In two separate incidents, today the fans of a star hero and star heroine are going gaga over the kind of spirituality and devotion their stars have in real life.

With Jai Lava Kusa collecting huge and giving satisfaction to him as an actor, Jr NTR today went to Bhadrachalam to pay tributes to Lord Rama. He went for the holy darshan along with director Koratala Siva who turned up with his wife. As it is believed that Koratala is the man who advised Junior to take up this film, the Nandamuri star took him as well to the abode of Rama.

At the same time, heroine Deepika Padukone who has felt that the role she played in Padmavathi is of a lifetime, went to Tirumula to get darshan of Lord Balaji and offer prayers. She feels that being in the presence of seven-hill god makes her feel quite peaceful at heart. Every year, Deepika makes her visit to the shrine but this time, its surprising to see lady director and choreographer Farah Khan accompanying her.

That's how two top stars in their respective tinsel towns today made their presence felt in temple towns of two Telugu states.

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