Revealed: The 2 Persons Behind NTR Doing JLK

Revealed: The 2 Persons Behind NTR Doing JLK

During the pre-release event of "Jai Lava Kusa", NTR said that he had taken the opinion of two persons before agreeing to do the film and added that he would reveal the two names after the film becomes a hit at box office.

Its been more than a month since the release of the film, but NTR hasn't yet revealed who the two persons were. Most fans guessed that they could be Rajamouli and VV Vinayak, since these two are very close to NTR and have given huge blockbusters to him.    

Now, Kona Venkat, the writer of JLK and a close companion of NTR, has revealed that fans only succeeded fifty percent by guessing the name of Rajamouli correctly but failing to predict the second person, Koratala Siva. While answering a question posed by a follower on social media, Kona made this big revelation.

Over the course of filming 'Janatha Gagare', NTR and Koratala became good friends, and that could be the reason why the star hero chose to take the latter's opinion before take the decision of doing JLK. Rajamouli is the go-to man for NTR for obvious reasons.

Oct 29, 2017 రజనీకాంత్‌ బాంబ్‌ అనుకున్నట్టే అక్కడ పడింది రోబో సీక్వెల్‌గా ఇప్పుడు ఎక్కడ చూసినా హల్‌చల్‌ చేస్తోన్న '2పాయింట్‌ఓ' జనవరి 25న వస్తుందని అనుకున్నారు. కానీ సమ్మర్‌కి కానీ రిలీజ్‌ … View Full Article

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