Kohli Signs Top Shoe Brand for 110 Crore

Kohli Signs Top Shoe Brand for 110 Crore

Indian Cricket captain Virat Kohli has been named among the world's top 10 sports-persons in terms of 'highest brand value'. After snatching a staggering Rs 110 Crore-deal with a top sports apparel Puma in early 2017, Kohli's brand has shot up globally. He has now beaten Football legend Lionel Messi in terms of 'brand value'.

According to the Forbes list, most valuable athlete in the world with highest brand value is 19-time Tennis Grand Slam champion Roger Federer with a whopping 37.2 Million USD, followed by NBA player LeBron James who has brand values of 33.4 Million USD. 'The fastest man on Earth' Usain Bolt stands at world no. 3 with brand value 27 Million USD.

Virat Kohli is estimated to have a brand value of 14.5 Million USD. This is significant given that he is ahead of Messi (football) whose brand value is at 13.5 Million USD.

Interestingly, Kohli is the only cricketer to made it to the World Top 10 Athletes in Highest Brand Value. The brand value is assessed based on their earnings, investment income however this is excluding Salary, Bonus Fees from their sport.

Below is the list of World's Top Athletes (Brand Value)

1. Roger Federer (Tennis) - USD 37.2 Million
2. LeBron James (NBA) - USD 33.4 Million
3. Ussain Bolt (Athletics) - USD 27 Million
4. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football) - USD 21.5Million
7. Virtat Kohli (Cricket) - USD 14.5 Million
9. Lionel Messi (Football) - USD 13.5 Million

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