#Mahesh25: Neither Murari Nor Hare Rama

#Mahesh25: Neither Murari Nor Hare Rama

Rumours are everywhere that Mahesh Babu is taking extra care of his 25th film that will be directed by Vamsi Paidipally and produced by Dil Raju, Ashwini Dutt together. While the superstar is busy with shooting of Bharath Anu Nenu, it has that he picked a title for his landmark film already

From a couple of days back, two titles, "Krishna Mukunda Murari" and "Hare Rama Hare Krishna" are doing rounds in Film Nagar as selected ones for #Mahesh25. Also, it is publicized that Mahesh and director Vamsi are fond to pick one among these two, while Dil Raju is not interested in them. They say Raju made only fops with titles like "Rama Rama Krishna Krishna", "Krishnashtami" and "Ramayya Vastavayya" and hence his dislike.

Putting all these rumors aside, director Vamsi Paidipally gave a big clarity today. "Title for #MAHESH25 hasn't been decided as yet.. It is neither "Krishna Mukunda Murari" nor "Hare Rama Hare Krishna"... will keep you all posted once we decide on an apt title", he tweeted, clearing the confusion.

Currently, Dil Raju, Vamsi, and Devi Sri Prasad are hopping in the streets of New York, both composing some songs for the film and also scouting few locations.

Oct 27, 2017 ఒక హీరో.. ఇద్దరు హీరోయిన్లు.. రెండు హ్యాట్రిక్స్ తమిళ స్టార్ హీరో విజయ్‌కు సమంత, కాజల్ లక్కీ మస్కట్లు అయిపోయింది. వీళ్లిద్దరిలో ఎవరితో విజయ్ జత కట్టినా ఆ సినిమా బ్లాక్ బస్టర్ అయిప… View Full Article

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