Did Dil Raju Target Those Heroes?

Did Dil Raju Target Those Heroes?

Ravi Teja and Dil Raju's 'Raja The Great' is all set to hit screens on Oct 18. At the recently held pre-release event, Dil Raju spoke very high of the film, director Anil Ravipudi and Ravi Teja, and exuded confidence in scoring another super hit.

He looked so confident that at one point, he even took a sort of jibe at the heroes who turned down or missed this film before Ravi Teja latched onto it.

Without taking any names, Dil Raju said that the story of 'Raja The Great' was earlier turned down by a few heroes. He added that some films are written in some heroes' destiny and that this film was written in Ravi Teja's destiny.

Actually, the film was supposed to to be done by Ram. He even announced on social media to collaborate with Anil Ravipudi. The actor however backed off as he wanted to do it in his home banner and Ravipudi was committed to work with Dil Raju.
Later, NTR had almost signed the film, to be jointly produced by Dil Raju and Kalyan Ram, before Bobby knocked his door with the subject of 'Jai Lava Kusa'. An undeterred Dil Raju then approached Ravi Teja and got his green signal.
Saying that Ravi Teja had the guts to do a blind character and that the film was written only in his destiny, Dil Raju is rumored to have targeted the heroes who missed the film. Well, Dil Raju wouldn't purposefully target NTR considering their camaraderie and also taking into account that he is vying to set up a project with him in the direction of Satish Vegesna, the director of 'Shathamanam Bhavathi'. Rumormongers however are speculating that Dil Raju took an indirect dig at the JLK star.

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