Media In Film Nagar, Mahesh In Italy

Media In Film Nagar, Mahesh In Italy

Mahesh Babu is one of the leading actors of Telugu cinema and has his dairy full till the end of 2019. This Superstar pinned all his hopes on his recent outing Spyder which released during Dasara and unfortunately, the plans got misfired. But still, there are ways to get desired results.

Actually, the whole of Telugu media is waiting for Mahesh Babu in Film Nagar that he will host a press-meet about the movie. These days post-release promotions are also very important for films and that will enhance a film's chances no matter how much negative reviews are. That's the reason media is waiting to meet Mahesh in Film Nagar. Also, he didn't cater enough time for Telugu media during pre-release promotions of Spyder, so his presence is expected, post the release.

Surprisingly Mahesh took a different call and said to have cancelled the schedules of his next film Bharat Anu Nenu. Latest update is that the actor along with his family flew to the European country of Italy for a short vacation. As he has been packed with back to back schedules for the past few months it seems like he badly needs a break and hence the move. Mahesh, his wife Namratha, kids Gautham and Sitara are spending their time in Tuscany region of the country.

Mahesh might return back to the country during the last week of this month and the new schedules of Koratala Siva's film will be planned then. Meanwhile, media is waiting for him in Film Nagar while he's chilling out in Italy. Probably he will meet them only during Koratala's movie promotions.

Oct 04, 2017 మీసం తీసేయడంపై నాగ్ ఏమన్నాడంటే.. పాత తరం తెలుగు హీరోలందరూ కూడా పాత్రల కోసం మీసం తీసేయడానికి వెనుకాడేవారు కాదు. కానీ తర్వాతి తరం హీరోలు అందుకు ఇష్టపడేవారు కాదు. చిర… View Full Article

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