JLK 1st Week Report: Impressive

JLK 1st Week Report: Impressive

NTR's "Jai Lava Kusa" had an impressive first week run across the world. The emotional entertainer managed to rake in Rs 105 Cr worldwide gross and a distributor share of Rs 61 Cr approx. The film is the 2nd 100 Cr grosser for Tarak after Janatha Garage which collected 135 Cr in full run.

In the two Telugu states, JLK performed well and collected Rs 75 Cr gross, which converts to Rs 46 Cr share in the aftermath of GST implementation.

Area-wise break-up of share:

Nizam - 13,40,00,000

Ceded - 9,30,00,000

Nellore - 1,99,40,000

Guntur - 4,98,00,000

Krishna - 3,68,20,000

West - 2,95,00,000

East - 4,62,00,000

Uttharandhra - 4,98,00,000

Total 1st week AP & TS Share - 45.9 Cr (Gross - 75 Cr)

Karnataka - 7,25,00,000

Tamil Nadu - 1,00,00,000

Rest of India - 80,00,000

USA - 4,80,00,000 (the film has collected nearly $1.5 million gross so far)

Rest of world - 1,50,00,000

Total 1st week Worldwide Share - 61.26 cr (Gross- 105 Cr)

The film's theatrical rights were valued at Rs 86 Cr so another 25 Cr share needs to get break even. 

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