Pawan + Trivikram = Non-Baahubali Records

Pawan + Trivikram = Non-Baahubali Records

Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas combo is one of the most lethal ones in Tollywood and their third collaboration, PK25 continues to reinstate this belief.

After creating non-Baahubali records in almost every territory in the Telugu states, PK25 has now set up an enviable non-Baahubali record in overseas too. The complete overseas rights of PK25 have reportedly been snapped by a US distributor for a whopping Rs 20 crore.

While we have recently reported that the overseas rights of Mahesh Babu-Murugadoss SPYder were acquired by shelling Rs 23 crore, the price quoted was for the Telugu and Tamil versions combined. On the other hand, 20 crore was offered for only the Telugu version of PK25. The film needs to collect around $4.5 million to for break even.

It must be noted that several distributors had been holding discussions with the producer of PK25 for long, and the deal got closed only after the makers announced to unveil the film's title and first look shortly, on September 2, on the eve of Pawan Kalyan's birthday. The buyer may have felt that prouder will quote even higher price showing the much expected euphoric response for the film's first look.

PK25 is expected to hit screens for Sankranthi next year.

Aug 24, 2017 ఆధార్ పై సుప్రీం మ‌రో సంచ‌ల‌న తీర్పు! దేశ వ్యాప్తంగా తీవ్ర చ‌ర్చ‌కు తెర తీసిన ట్రిపుల్ త‌లాక్ మీద సంచ‌ల‌న తీర్పు ఇచ్చిన అత్యున్న‌త న్యాయ‌స్థానం తాజాగా మ‌రో సంచ‌ల‌న తీ… View Full Article

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