AP Theatres Houseful, Chennai Theatres Doubtful

AP Theatres Houseful, Chennai Theatres Doubtful

From last couple of weeks, whole of Tamilnadu film fraternity is requesting the governments to take back their new initiatives that lead to increasing of ticket prices. However multiplexes have gone ahead after a week and continued ticket-hike as GST commands them to do so. Though there no big protests of Telugu theatres owners in this case, here also almost all the theatres hiked prices.

What's so stunning is that, ever since ticket rates are hiked, there is a steep downfall in the footfalls in multiplex theatres in Chennai. We hear that only 30 percent seat occupancy occurred in many multiplexes and that indicates people are also protesting the idea of increased ticket rates. But the trend is alarmingly different in Telugu states.

No matter what, what's the price of ticket or how much it is hiked, there is no such downfall of movie-goers in multiplex theatres of cities like Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Vizag, says a trade observer. Seems like people in telugu states are giving utmost to entertainment rather worrying about the over-the-board payment they have to make.

In a word we could say that AP theatres are getting houseful if the film gets fantastic talk but Chennai theatres are doubtful that people would come in flocks even for a super hit. Are Telugu people not taking ticket-hike seriously? Or Tamil people taking it too seriously?

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