What Bunny, Only DJ, Nothing Else For NRIs?

What Bunny, Only DJ, Nothing Else For NRIs?

Generally, when some of our stars leave to the USA for these Telugu people conventions, they interact with them a lot. One thing is that such interactions improvise bonding between people living distantly from the native place and other thing is that these stars could easily up their market by pampering NRIs.

Amidst huge publicity and hungama, finally, Allu Arjun went to USA to promote his latest movie "DJ Duvvada Jagannadham". More than this, everyone looked forward to his interaction with NRIs at NATS 2017 event as he's invited as a Guest there. But Bunny gave a complete shocker to them if we have to believe the reports coming up.

Recently when Venkatesh went to USA, he gave a lecture on spirituality and on living a simple life. That clicked well with NRI audiences. Then Ram Charan and Kalyan Ram also spent a good time at a couple of Telugu events and carved out a new image for them there. After giving some interesting lectures, these stars used to meet NRI families, kids and conduct Q&A session with fans and much more. That will help the stars develop their market further.

But at Chicago Convention Centre last night, where nearly 4000 audiences are in attendance, Allu Arjun has turned up at the event only for 20 mins and left. He spoke about DJ, DJ's piracy and negative reviews, but nothing else. And that too, as he's there only for 20 mins, almost all the Telugu audiences at the event felt shocked and a bit disappointed.

While some say, Allu Arjun is upset with negative reviews of DJ and that's why he didn't spend much time there. Few stated that he's actually heading to some other business meeting along with Chiranjeevi and Allu Arvind who are touring the USA for a couple of weeks. Some buzz says that NATS organisers and Allu Arjun got into a tiff over some arrangements, and hence the quick exit.

Whatever it maybe, Bunny should have spent more time at the convention, rather quickly departing.

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