Jai Lava Kusa Teaser Also Leaked, Goes Viral

Jai Lava Kusa Teaser Also Leaked, Goes Viral

When working stills from NTR's upcoming film 'Jai Lava Kusa' were leaked on social media yesterday, NTR Arts swiftly acted and assured fans that the culprits behind the leak were nabbed.

Unfortunately, those leaked pictures are not just working stills but screenshots from the film's teaser. A video, allegedly believed to be the film's teaser, has gone viral on Whatsapp and other social networking sites. There is no authenticity whether it was the same planned teaser, which is scheduled to be released in the first week of July, but it nevertheless features a rousing background song and couple of high octane scenes.  

It is believed that some people from the editing suite have shared this alleged teaser with their friends. Out of sheer enthusiasm or with malicious intent, those who were in possession of the alleged teaser, leaked it on Whatsapp. Makers are reportedly making all the possible efforts to take down the video.

Considering that NTR is playing three different characters in 'Jai Lava Kusa', there is huge curiosity over the film. These kinds of leaks kill that curiosity, hence makers need to be very cautious. The stakes of the film have raised especially after its release date was announced as September 21, even though Mahesh's Spyder and Balayya's Paisa Vasool have already locked the Dussehra slot.

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