Meet Little Maestro, Laasya

Meet Little Maestro, Laasya

A 3-year-old Indian girl is currently being hailed as a child prodigy and a mini maestro after she showcased her extraordinary ability of playing 41 songs.

Jithender Chigurupati, 34, and his wife Aparna, 33, an Indian couple residing in the UK, are very proud of their 3-year-old daughter Laasya, whose incredible memory power is helping her remember number of songs, sanskrit slokas, general knowledge questions etc.

The youngster first showed signs of brilliance when she began reciting Sanskrit slokas at just two. Surprised at her memory skills, Laasya's father presented her a Xylophone and within six months, she has learnt to play 41 songs including Jingle bells and Twinkle Twinkle little star in Xylophone after having listened to them just a few times. She even performed 3 songs at her nursery in front of a captivated audience.

The proud parents have written to Guinness World Records hoping for her talent to be recognized. They have yet to receive an acknowledgement from the organization though. Jithender and Aparna are also exploring options to provide their daughter the best platform so that she can leverage her incredible talent.

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