Salman Explains About Baahubali Records

Salman Explains About Baahubali Records

Box office ruler Salman Khan has explained how a South film, Baahubali 2, shattered all the records in Bollywood and emerged such a massive global blockbuster. He primarily credited Hindi audiences for making Baahubali a force to reckon with.

Salman said, "Hindi audiences don't know more than three or four South heroes. They however watched, loved and made a Telugu film, Baahubali a huge hit. Their acceptance is the real reason why the film became a pan-India blockbuster."

Explaining why Hindi films don't become huge blockbusters in South, the 'Sultan' star said, 'South audiences know us very well, yet, our films do not do that volume of business because they have an extraordinary sense of loyalty to their favorite south heroes. They stay fans of one particular hero for life.'

Elaborating further on the difference between South and Hindi audiences, he added, "the South stars have very devoted fan clubs and they will fight against piracy of their favorite heroes' films even if a powerful politician or underworld kingpin is involved. We have no one to fight piracy for us in Bollywood."

Salman is currently busy promoting his upcoming film 'Tubelight', which is set for release on June 23.

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