Baahubali 2 Fear Brought National Award

Baahubali 2 Fear Brought National Award

Top filmmaker Dil Raju, who has recently won the National Film award for his Sankranthi blockbuster Sathamanam Bhavathi (SB), has divulged that his planning to escape 'Baahubali 2', helped his film win the honor.

SB was released in January 2017 but the film won national award for 2016. How did it happen? Dil Raju completed the film's censor formalities in 2016 itself and sent the film to awards committee. In a recent interview, he revealed that he had done so keeping in mind that Baahubali 2 will release in 2017.

'I wasn't expecting national honor but I was sure that SB will become a classic and win Nandi awards. However, if Baahubali 2 was in contention, my film's chances of winning awards will become less. So, we completed the censor in December 2016 itself to escape Baahubali 2 year, which is 2017,' divulged Dil Raju.

This is another fine example of his acute judgmental skills and planning.

'After watching SB, my brother had tears in his eyes. He predicted that the film will surely win national award and his words came true,' recollected Dil Raju.