Sexy Producer Targets Gays And Lesbians

Sexy Producer Targets Gays And Lesbians

Among the hot and happening producers we have in the country, definitely, Ekta Kapoor stands like a sexy lady who unleashes new energy all the time. And she has currently twelve serials running on different channels in Bollywood and yet she ventures into something new all the time.

Currently setting foot in the digital space by making web series, it looks like Ekta is obsessed with one particular stuff. Her new digital platform ALTBalaji will showcase these web series and thing is that couple of them are grabbing eyeballs already.

Stuffed fully with gays, two boys making love and planning their future, and other bunch of boys making fun of them, there is "Boygiri" coming up. At the same time, there is a lady Devdas type of story called "Dev DD" and it has the protagonist doing some lesbian acts. Wonder why gays and lesbians have become central themes of Ekta Kapoor, that's the game.

On digital spaces like YouTube and any own videos sharing platform, these Censor laws don't apply. Hence makers are feeling free to touch these controversial subjects, while aggressive producers like Ekta are setting foot first. From using foul language to all types of sexual relations, these web series portray everything. We have to see if the content gets appreciated or not.

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