US Varsities Stand In Support of Foreign Students

US Varsities Stand In Support of Foreign Students

In what can be called as an anti-Trump move, American educational institutions are striving to protest the traction for their international student enrollment in danger of being hit by fresh visa policies by president Donald Trump.

So, with a view to defend and support spirit of student immigrants from revival of visa policies, the top league universities in America have decided to join hands and offer legal support to them. As the reports and rumors are widespread that there could be a large dip in number of applicants to US varsities, the American Association of Universities will now stand tall in backing migrant students and fight the legal challenges in new visa policy put forward by new President Donald Trump. Apart from Chinese people, Indians also gain major benefit out of this development.

While the leading 25 universities including Ivy League's Yale, Harvard, Virginia, Northwestern and others are boosting the students' spirit for the known reason that they could experience a bad impact economically. Given the kind of push these universities are offering, Indian experts are assuming it as one of the major measures taken to protest the enthusiasm among migrant students and research scholars.

As per the latest statement by White House press secretary Sean Spicer, US is re-looking into H1-B visa rules and this is a kind of short-term alleviation to overseas professionals and intellectuals who're planning to study in America. Going by the numbers from an Yale University faculty member, 'India grabs second spot with as many as 200 students taking up different courses at Yale while China stands at one.'

On other hand, the latest executive order on travel ban has been put off by Hawaii district judge and another immigration draft law to hike minimum salary of foreign workers is unlikely to pass in US Congress.

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