New H-1B Visa Rules Affect Non-IT Workers More Than IT

New H-1B Visa Rules Affect Non-IT Workers More Than IT

Unlike the popular perception that connects H1B visas with only the IT industry, there are a lot of non-IT sectors like market research analysts, financial advisors, teachers, artists, doctors etc. that rely on H-1B to materialize their Great American Dream. And, the new rules under consideration for procuring H-1B Visas are expected to hurt the non-IT sector more than the IT industry.

We have already informed that some US Congressmen have recently reintroduced a bill that will make securing H-1B visas tough. By highlighting the 'Skilled employment in the US' aspect, the bill has raised the minimum earnings of a person from USD 60,000 to USD 100,000 to be able to work in the US.

Most of the Indian diaspora in US reportedly draws salaries in the range of USD 60,000 - USD100,000 so this new bill is likely to affect the workers really bad. In fact, IT professionals can meet this threshold but only not many non-IT workers like teachers, artists etc. can as they are paid relatively less.

Experts say that the already existing system for securing student visa works like a lottery system and it could get much tougher with this new bill.

Immigration lawyers said that the new rules would force people to try visas under other routes. For instance, those having special skill sets can apply for L1 and the people with deep pockets can secure Visas under EB5. People can also try under the O1 category if they have an extraordinary talent in the field of arts, education, science, sports, etc.

On the whole, the new Visa guidelines will affect skilled workers badly but the highly-skilled workers can get through. Potential investors with money will also have no problem as Trump regime is expected to welcome anyone ready to invest in the US.

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