Trade: Exhibitors of SB in Profit Zone

Trade: Exhibitors of SB in Profit Zone

Dil Raju's 'Shatamaanam Bhavati' has landed its exhibitors in the profit zone in less than a week of its theatrical run. Released on Jan 14, SB has performed steadily at box office and raked in a share of Rs 13.28 Cr in the Telugu states in 6 days.

Area-wise break up of Share:

Nizam - 444 lacs

Ceded - 148 lacs

Nellore - 32.16 lacs

Guntur - 94.65 lacs

Krishna - 83 lacs

West - 114 lacs

East - 163 lacs

UA - 249 lacs

6 Days Total in AP & TG - Rs 13.28 Cr

The family entertainer has managed to impress and attract family as well as youth audiences and the same is reflecting in the form of revenues. Performing consistently in week days and at a time when two big films are making noise in theatres is no mean feat.

In the US, SB collected a decent USD550K+.