RGV Thanks The 'Ink' Of Vangaveeti Songs

RGV Thanks The 'Ink' Of Vangaveeti Songs

Ram Gopal Varma's forthcoming political faction drama, Vangaveeti,  had its audio album launched a couple of nights ago amidst huge hype in Vijayawada. In a staggering feat, more than 50,000 people attended the audio launch event.

The film was supposed to attract a handful of controversies and RGV, being an expert in exploiting vulnerable situations to create hype for his movies, lived up to his name by using the Kamma Kapu song, which, of course, was removed from the album later.

The Kamma Kapu song was penned by Sirasri, who had written six out of nine songs in Vangaveeti's audio album. This morning, RGV thanked Sirasri via Twitter and lauded Sirasri's ink that caught his spirit and depth.

Incidentally, Sirasri also wrote the book Vodka With Varma and wrote powerful lyrics for several of RGV's previous movies and movies quite closely with the eccentric filmmaker.

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