Results of 'No China Products' Campaign

Results of 'No China Products' Campaign

The massive social media campaign undertaken by a few governmental as well as private organizations urging people to boycott Chinese products, has yielded remarkable result as the sales of Chinese goods dropped by 60 per cent this Diwali.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has released this report after collecting the business data from as many as 20 major cities across the nation.

A CAIT spokesperson said that the traders didn't show interest in selling Chinese products in view of the social media campaign. Some traders went to the extent of keeping "Made in India" boards outside their establishments to entice the consumers.

It has been reported that people preferred the domestic earthen lamps and items made of paper and clay to Chinese products for Diwali this year. Even though alternatives to attractive Chinese products were very limited, most Indian consumers have reportedly relied on Indian goods only.

An expert from the industry pointed out that the government has to bring the latest technology to the small domestic manufacturing sector in order to further dent the business of Chinese goods in India and also to make available the alternative products to consumers at comparatively cheaper prices.

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