Befikre trailer - High dose of romance, kissing & more

Befikre trailer - High dose of romance, kissing & more

Alright, the much-awaited trailer for Befikre starring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor has been released in Paris last night since the film is set on the backdrop of Eiffel Tower city. Ever since the makers released first poster featuring the lead in intense kissing position, the film jammed eyes of everyone who're looking out for something bold, intense and scorching.

Adding more to the expectations, the trailer effortlessly sums up that it can cater to large extent. Firstly, the mind-blowing romantic chemistry between Ranveer and Vaani, who're playing Dharam and Shyra respectively, is something that catches hold of anyone's mood. And a string of kissing scenes, apart from immense sex appeal from Vaani, between the lead gets you glued to trailer.

Thematically on the lines of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika's Tamasha, Befikre is the story of a young boy and girl, who gets to meet in Paris, that deals with how they get along with each other and set rules for not falling in love. With high dose of romance and kissing, Befikre is undoubtedly the hot, hotter and hottest film of the year.

Given the amount of skin show and erotic scenes, Befikre is considered as game changer for Vaani, who's just one film old in Bollywood. If you're wondering that this film has got an out-and-out skin show by Vaani Kapoor alone, you're totally wrong because Ranveer also poses his undressed body.

Directed and produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films, Befikre is scheduled for a worldwide release on 9th December 2016. The romantic drama has got audio numbers composed by Vishal-Sekhar and cinematography by Kaname Onoyama.

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