Koratala Siva's Request For Critics

Koratala Siva's Request For Critics

Koratala Siva scored a hat-trick with NTR's Janatha Garage. The film, which was released to scathing reviews and average word of mouth on September 1st, has surprised everyone with its unstoppable run in all the areas.

The director recently participated in a phone-in TV show and one of the callers asked Koratala Siva about his views on Tollywood critics who rated the film quite low, apart from ripping off the film's story.

In his response, Siva said that he has full respect for critics and that he also has a request for them. Koratala requested the critics to conduct a survey at the theaters after watching FDFS to know about audience's response before rating the film and spreading negative talk, which will affect the movie that was made with crores of rupees and months of hardwork of hundreds of people.

Koratala Siva's request is rather unusual and far from plausible as it is not the job of a critic to know public's pulse before writing a review. Film is a composite art and a critic critiques the film based on his emotional and logical reception of the film's story, performances and technical aspects and aesthetics and expresses them in the reviews.

Also, a critic's negative review may not impact a film's box-office prospects and the best examples are Janatha Garage and Sarrainodu, both released to underwhelming reviews, but ruled the box-office.

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