Koratala Siva Shocking Revelation

Koratala Siva Shocking Revelation

Writer turned director Koratala Siva is one honest filmmaker is making only blockbusters. This creative genius revealed that, he doesn't know much about the technology of 'camera angles', so he is employing top technicians for his films.

Usually, no popular personality reveals negative sides of them. Apparently, Koratala doesn't bother about how public and critics react, so has honestly shared where he is incapable at. "I don't ever say that I know everything and I can do anything," affirms Siva.

R Madhi was the cinematographer for Siva's first two films Mirchi and Srimanthudu which both were visual grandeurs. For Janatha Garage, Tirru was employed to handle cinematography. This NTR starrer film too was technically sound.

Janatha Garage didn't have much comedy like Siva's previous films. The director reasons saying, "The film didn't have space. It is indeed not good including comedy forcibly, when narrating serious and content based films."

Koratala also revealed reason for shelving film with Ram Charan. "I didn't have confidence. Although Charan wanted to do the film, I feared whether I could handle him rightly or not," said he.

The director informed to have prepared 10 stories, out of which 3 were already made and 7 other are almost ready to make. "Only thing I needed is to make few changes to these scripts," stated Siva.

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