US Box-office: It's KV All The Way

US Box-office: It's KV All The Way

Last Friday saw the release of three medium budget movies, Manchu Manoj's Shourya, Naga Shaurya's Kalyana Vaibhogame and Jabardasth Rashmi's Guntur Talkies. But it was Kalyana Vaibhogame which emerged a clear winner of these all.

After collecting $13,257 during the Thursday Premieres, Kalyana Vaibhogame notched up its tally by further adding $32,365 on Friday and $64,237 on Saturday respectively, taking the total to $109,859. At this rate, the US distributors will end up with huge profits in thanks to their small investments.

On the other hand, Shourya failed to put up even passable figures after its dismal premier collections of $1,316 on Thursday night, following it up with $1,305 on Friday and $1,493 on Saturday, ending up with $4,114. Even a miracle can't pull out this Manchu Manoj starrer from ending up as a damp squib at the overseas box-office.

Even Guntur Talkies is continuing its poor show at the North American ticket counters. The film, which collected a paltry sum of $2,015 from its premieres, never revived itself and polled $1,264 on Friday and another $1,853 on Saturday, totalling to $5,132.

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