Secret Behind Heroine's Daughter Name

Secret Behind Heroine's Daughter Name

Heroine Rani Mukherjee is very much in the news post the birth of her daughter couple of days back. More than that, Rani and her husband Aditya Chopra gifting their 1-week old daughter couple of Bungalows in Mumbai is another news.

During these discussions, few people are wondered to find out what's the name of Rani's daughter actually means. The young one is named Adira, and people are finding a meaning for it on baby-names books and websites. Adira means 'strength' in Arabic and in fact Muslims use this name well. How come Rani and Aditya, devout Hindus, picked that word for their daughter? There's a story for it.

Actually Rani and Aditya doesn't know if the word 'Adira' has any meaning. They took first three words, 'Adi' from Aditya and 'Ra' from Rani Mukherjee, and named their first child as 'AdiRa'. As the baby is the outcome of their love, they want to name her with a name derived from their names.

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