Chowdary Banking On NTR Lyrics

Chowdary Banking On NTR Lyrics

Post the disastrous performance of "Rey" at box office, producer-director YVS Chowdary is heard nowhere. During Rey it was felt that Chowdary is pushed into neck deep debts and it will be tough for him to come out. Though he's not heard in film circles, the talented director is calmly planning his next.

YVS is all set to make yet another love story with freshers. Earlier he has done the same with movies like Lahiri Lahiri Lahirolo and Devdasu, where he scored huge hits through action love stories and with freshers. His upcoming film is titled- Nede Eenade Karuninche Nannu Chelikade. This happens to be lyrics of a song that starts with the same line from 1969's NTR movie "Bhale Tammudu". Poetic titles are the pick of day for love stories and YVS Chowdary, an ardent fan of legendary NTR, banking on these wonderful lyrics sounds positive.

Hope this talented producer-director bounces back with a stupendous hit in coming days.

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