Small Ships Surrounding Guna's Big Vessel

Small Ships Surrounding Guna's Big Vessel

Even a big vessel will get affected if a fleet of small ships surround it. As there are mixed reactions around the potential of Gunasekhar's mighty ship "Rudramadevi 3D", now many small boats are surrounding it on the release day.

June 26th is the big date Gunasekhar has zeroed on for his "Rudramadevi" whose sole selling point at the moment seems to be Anushka, Allu Arjun and Megastar's voice over. Apart from Anushka's already proven warrior like acts, this is the first time Bunny is taking up a folklore kind of role and that raised huge hype. As he wields a sword and throws arrows like an archer, his cameo as Gona Gannareddy is helping Rudramadevi fetch attention. Now that Megastar Chiranjeevi' has lent his voice for narration, 26th is going to be a day where history lovers and mega fans storm to theatres.

However, this big ship got small opponents in the form of Allari Naresh's James Bond and Sandeep's Tiger. This is quite a calculated move from the two youngsters, though Naresh is having much bigger market than that of Sandeep. If Rudramadevi topples at box office unfortunately, then all those disappointed audiences might rush to James Bond and Tiger. Even if it scores a hit, then those who haven't got tickets might check-in into Naresh's and Sandeep's film.

These strategies generally have 50-50 chances of scoring a brownie, so we have to see how this small fleet will be able to survive that big vessel.

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