Aggarwal beauty's competition to Tamannaah

Aggarwal beauty's competition to Tamannaah

A week ago, we reported that milky beauty Tamannaah had launched her jewellery brand, Wite & Gold. The jewellery will be available for the customers from the 20th April on the eve of Akshay Trithya. Now, seems like Tamannaah has some tough competition from her close quarters. Nisha Aggarwal, the doting sister of our very own Kajal aggarwal, too has stepped in the jewellery business.

Today, Nisha lanched the first exhibition of her jewellery brand Marsala Jewelry at a five star hotel in Mumbai. Numerous celebs form Bollywood and corporate sector have been invited for the exhibition and Nisha was drenched in appreciation for her taste in exotic jewellery. The actress even shot for a photoshoot to promote her brand.

After debuting with Varun Sandesh starrer Yemaindi Eevela, Nisha gained prominence for her acts in films like Solo and Sukumarudu. However, Nisha chose to go the family route and tied the knot with a Mumbai based businessman, Karan Valecha. Let us hope that the junior Aggarwal girl will succeed in her new venture.

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