Dil Raju's Special Care For Young Hero

Dil Raju's Special Care For Young Hero

Dil Raju, the man with the Midas touch, is back with a breezy, youthful romantic entertainer, Kerintha. The film stars young hero Sumanth Ashwin, who impressed everyone with his matured performances in Anthakumundu Aatharuvaatha and Lovers. As per the inside talk, Dil Raju has been taking extra care to make the film nothing less than a super hit.

Not many know that Smanth Ashwin was supposed to be launched by Dil Raju in Oh My Friend. However, his father, MS Raju already decided to launch him under his direction and Dil Raju went on to make Oh My Friend with Siddharth. After 5 years, Dil Raju and Sumanth Ashwin have teamed up and the producer has promised MS Raju a successful film for his son.

Close sources say that Dil Raju is so involved in the entire production, that he is even giving valuable inputs in script and direction on the sets. The film is being directed by Sai Kiran Adivi, whose last film Village Lo Vinayakudu was a disappointing venture. The film has a spate of young actors and the first look stills which were release yesterday have been garnering good response.

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