For That Producer, You Have To Sign Nudity Clause

For That Producer, You Have To Sign Nudity Clause

There are various clauses in the contract an actor/actress signs with a producer regarding everything to everything in order to facilitate smooth transaction. Maybe it is promotional dates with a  hero or heroine, or slipping into a bikini and smooching lips of co-star, there are clauses. Meet our lady producer, who has now introduced a special nudity clause.

Films like Love Sex our Dhoka, Ragini MMS and The Dirty Picture ring just one name in our mind. It is none other than Ekta Kapoor, the empress of Balaji Tele Films, who is on a spree these days to make sexplicit movies. As she buckles up to produce a new film titled "XXX" with newcomers, she has come up with interesting nudity clause. Bollywood is stunned to known about the clause, and actors who have signed the clause have signed a non-disclosure agreement also, which prevents them talking about it.

Many heroines and lead girls often cry foul about semi-nude scenes, lip kissing and resorting nudity during shooting times and to avoid such time-waste Ekta has come up with this nudity clause. Both men and women, those want to sing Ekta's movies should sign the clause. Seems like she is not going to leave anyone unexposed.

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