A Film That Is More Popular Than DDLJ

A Film That Is More Popular Than DDLJ

Which is the most popular film in India? Well, there are many answers to this questions. Some say its 'Sholay' and the others say that its 'Dilwale Dhulhania Le Jayenge'. According to the statistics, 'DDLJ' has the longest run in the history of Indian Cinema.

But, have you ever heard of a Kannada film 'Om'? This movie was directed by Kannada Superstar Upendra with another Superstar Shivaraj Kumar in the lead role. Believe it or not, 'Om' was re-released for close to 550 times in Karnataka and this film is releasing again for the 551st time in more than 120 theatres.

'Om' was remade is Telugu with Rajsekhar and Prema but the film failed to entertain the Telugu audience.

'DDLJ' might be the film with the longest run but 'Om' hold the record for the most number of Re-releases in record number of theatres.

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