RGV's Big Bomb Blast

RGV's Big Bomb Blast

The philosophy of filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has been named as 'Ramuism' and recently the Tollywood channel did a program titled 'Ramuism'. It is a compilation of episodes which will come as a serial and not in a single shot. All this took place on the eve of RGV's 25 years of film career.

Recently, RGV was responsible for an uproar due to his tweets on Lord Ganesh and his devotees. Now, a big bomb awaits all. Inside reports reveal further episodes of 'Ramuism' will have more controversial stuff because he has given his opinions and thoughts in a very hard hitting manner. It has to be seen how many people will get hurt and to what range his controversy will go.

All these days, not many took interest in his tweets but the Ganesh tweets changed the scene and the program about to come in Tollywood channel is going to shake things more. RGV has been beyond cinema from quite some time. When he didn't score in movies he scored through TV interviews. When his film scored a hit he used to be silent. Let us wait to see how the bomb blast intensity will be. For now, inside news is it is going to cause major ripples.

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