Composer Thaman Vs Telugu News Channels

Composer Thaman Vs Telugu News Channels

Both some Telugu news channels and music director Thaman are having one thing in common. They both sensationalize stuff that are not required and forget the very basic things of them. Over a tea and samosa discussion in film nagar, people shared this opinion about our music director.

Our channels spoke extensively about MS Narayana's supposed Guinness record but failed to get check the facts. At the same time they highlight huge about killings in Gaza strip by Israel, but don't focus about the rapes and murders that are shaking our very own states. Similar, Thaman also focuses heavily on two things, forgetting his primary work. He makes actors sing songs, and professional singers perform on stages.

In his recent movies, Thaman is making either the hero or heroine sing at least one song. Mahesh, Puri Jagan in Businessman, NTR in Rabhasa and Ravteja in Power have lent their voices, while Shruti Haasan did that for RaceGurram and Aagadu. Without delivering fantastic five tunes for an album what is the use of making hero or heroine sing a song and publicize it heavily? When we compare Thaman and News Channels, both fall on same side.

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