Hansika became mother for 25th kid

Hansika became mother for 25th kid

Hansika has become mother again, this time it is her 25th kid. Don't worry, because this spicy apple pie siren is not married and is not delivering any kids secretly. Rather that, she is giving life to many orphans with her true mother touch.
Known for her good heart, Hansika adopts parent-less kids and looks after their well being by providing everything for them. she is spending huge for their education and growing up too. Recently, a kid named Karthi from Bhubaneswar turned orphan as his parent got split over a spat. After coming to know about Karthi's plight, Hansika responded immediately and adopted him, as her 25th kid.
In a society where people are eating money for lunch, good-hearted ones like Hansika definitely fill the gap with their affection and motherly touch. Irrespective of her personal troubles and professional busyness, Hansika's efforts in caring for these children needs a pat. Well done, Hansika.



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