Naresh Not Leaving KRR In 'Action' Too

Naresh Not Leaving KRR In 'Action' Too

Allari Naresh aka Sudden Star is still reeling in our minds for his critical pot-shots taken at various hair rising scenes of Telugu cinema. This 'Sudigadu' now wants to pay real tribute to our veteran star director against whom he lashed satires in his latest.

Naresh has made the best fun of K Raghavendra Rao's fruits and flowers in a Sudigaadu song. Rather throwing some grapes and oranges like KRR, Naresh has thrown a pumpkin on heroine's belly to generate huge laughs. Unlike these satires, he is now paying tribute to KRR's creativity in his upcoming 3D movie 'Action', directed by Dookudu producer Anil Sunkara. A retro song is going to be scored and will be filmed in KRR style as a token of appreciating this star director. That way, even in his next Naresh is not leaving KRR aside.

With Sudigadu collecting more than expectations here in AP and overseas too, 'Action' is going to release in record number of theatres pushing this hero into A-league.

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