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20 Apr, 2018, 01:15 AM IST
Bharat Ane Nenu Tweet Review

Superstar Mahesh Babu is gearing up to release his Bharat Ane Nenu made with one of his favourite directors, Koratala Siva, also who gave a success for him in recent past.

The title itself is a promise, let us see how the team kept the promises of delivering a good film this time. Bharat Ane Nenu trailer and songs enthralled fans and audience. Now let walk through the tweet review..

04:13 AM

-- The End --

04:12 AM

Bharat ane nenu... bharat takes oath as CM again

Nayakudi avasaran leni samajam nirminchadame asalaina nayakudi lakshanam

04:08 AM

Interesting dialogues- Bharat face to face with Prakash Raj

04:04 AM

Bharat takes in goons with a strong arm

Tens of goons pouring in, a little twist in fight scene too

04:04 AM

Powerful action scene after small chase

03:51 AM

Gaddam Suryaa as senior journalist in exile

03:51 AM

New twist steals the show

Conspiracy behind an important incident

03:50 AM

Drastic turns and dramatic twists makes plot intresting

03:47 AM

Bharat Calls for Pressmeet

Mahesh scores brownie in this particular scene

03:45 AM

Kiara Advani Role in the Film, short but Crucial

03:45 AM

Prakash raj targets on Bharat affair, more allegations fill the headlines

03:29 AM

O vasumathi song

Foot tapping, shot in a bright colorful set

03:29 AM

Bharat new concept of local governance shocks all politicians

03:19 AM

4 crores set looks bright but not appears to be that expensive

03:18 AM

Vachadayyo Sami Song

Ramjogayya Sastri appears in a glimpse

03:17 AM

Intense fight scene, impressive

03:04 AM

Bharat into action mode

Bharat into action mode

03:02 AM

Bharat mass sketch sounds interesting, execution is more interesting

03:01 AM


 - Adi rayalaseema sir!! -

Bharat - Rayalaseema ki andulo rachakonda ki nene CM

02:59 AM

Second Half Begins With A Bang - Rayalaseema Episode

02:54 AM

---- Intermission ----

02:51 AM

With Twists and Turns, Koratala brings engaing Interval block

Dialoge - Twaralone mee andarni maata meeda nilabade magallanu chestanani daiva sakshiga maatistunnanu

02:44 AM

After few interesting scenes between lead pair, here comes Ide Kalala song

Bright and rich visuals, Actress/Singer Andrea done perfect job.

02:40 AM

Bharat touching contemporaneity issues, catches good pace

02:38 AM

Powerful BGM in scenes with Prakash Raj and Bharat

02:36 AM

Bharat Ane Nenu song

02:30 AM

Highlights: Assembly Scenes

Stubborn and confident speech by Bharat in Assembly..

02:29 AM

Assembly set looks real, money spent is worth on it.

02:29 AM

Coffee with CM looks unnatural but cute

02:13 AM

Heroine Introduction

Kiara Advani As Vasumathi, she looks beautiful.

02:12 AM

Antahkarana suddhi tho... dialogue brings whistles

02:10 AM

Dialogue: Prati Okkariki Bhayam Badhyata Undali

02:09 AM

CM Bharat focus on traffic issues, many of us can relate to it

02:00 AM

After some Emotional and Political scenes, Finally Bharat to take oath as Chief Minister Of Andhra Pradesh

01:57 AM

Raghava (sarath) sudden death creates political turmoil in state

01:53 AM

Characters Introduction

Sarath kumar as Bharat father, Aamani Is Bharat Mother and Sitara as Bharat Step mother after Aamani passes away.

01:50 AM

I dont know song

The song is classy and Farhan Akhtar voice sounds different on Mahesh

I dont know song

01:45 AM

Movie starts off in a rich visuals of Oxford University with convocation of Bharat Ram

01:36 AM


Bharat Ane Nenu movie story happens in Andhra Pradesh state before bifurcation.

01:32 AM

Run Time - 173 Mins