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Actress Says 'God Is Sexual'

Actress Says 'God Is Sexual'

Former model-cum-actress Sofia Hayat, who turned to spirituality and became a sort of nun (she wants us to believe so), has recently got married to her Romanian boyfriend.

She seems to be enjoying her married life and is learning new definitions of sex and orgasms and their connection with God and spirituality. Sofia took to instagram and wrote that "God is sexual" and that "Orgasm is the Goddess of energy".   

Sofia, who claims herself as 'Gaia Mother Sofia', now calls herself "Allah Maa". "Spiritual beings are sexual..God is sexual. The orgasm is the Goddess energy..Allah maa energy that created everything. It is divine. The sacred Orgasm. Allah hu Akbar. OM namah Shivaya! The very feeling I had when I spoke OM and created the universe..was Orgasmic. My orgasm with OM created all in existence," she wrote.

Defining love, sex and orgasms, she wrote, "We have been taught that sex is wrong, a physical act. That's because they did not want humanity to claim the power that a woman's sacred womb can give to a man, so they made sex something wrong, hidden and shameful, especially if you are a woman.

I remembered when we made love..that sacred sexual union that creates the energy of creation. I remembered when in our sacred sexual union..so pure..so sacred and holy is our orgasm..We bring sacred sexuality in trust and surrender to its full power.

Let all women know the sacred power of their womb and every man be in service to the sacred feminine in her and him..for that is where it all started and that..if you surrender to the feminine..the womb..the sacred Orgasm in trust..respect the vagina..the womb as you do when you enter a mosque or a temple or a church..and then you shall know the creator of all.. Gaia Mother Sofia Allah Maa".

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