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Heroine Reveals Her Favorite Sex Position

Heroine Reveals Her Favorite Sex Position

Cute bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has been trolled and a horde of memes were created taking her dumb image into account. But, as time progressed, she started impressing movie lovers with her wit and tongue-in-cheek comments.

Afresh, the hot lady has recently shown little discomfort when she was asked about her favorite sex position in an interview. Without much ado, the 'Udta Punjab' actress quickly replied that she likes "The classic missionary" position since she is a simple person.

Alia had a witty retort for newly elected US president Donald Trump as well. When asked what she would do if she met Trump, Alia replied, "I'd build a wall so I don't have to talk to him."

With a candid and tongue-in-cheek humor like this, no winder she has become one of the most followed celebs on social media.

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