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New Year Night: Mass Molestation of Women In Bengaluru

New Year Night: Mass Molestation of Women In Bengaluru

After learning how some people of Bengaluru resorted to mass molestation of women on the night of New Year, brickbats are being thrown at the city administration from across the country for being so lenient towards the safety of women.

In the name of revelry on the night of New Year, several women were allegedly molested on the famous MG Road in Bengaluru. Although sizeable number of cops was prowling the area, they were outnumbered by thousands of revelers who had come out on the streets to celebrate at midnight.

Some media men caught the horrific images which show how lewdly the inebriated crowd groped and molested women. Several distraught women were reportedly seen running towards police women, some holding their shoes in hands, to save themselves from the uncontrollable hooligans. Some women were also seen weeping.

Surprisingly, no complaint has been registered against this unruly act. The Home Minister and authorities have asserted that they would take an action after examining the 25 CCTV cameras that were deployed at the MG Road.

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