OMG!! 1.2 Million Guests at B'day Party

On 26th December 2016, as his daughter, Rubi Ibarra Garcia, turned 15, a man decided to have a big party as there's a culture in Mexico to celebrate a girl's 15th birthday to mark her transition from a girl to a woman.

The tech-savvy man wanted to invite only his neighboring communities on the special occasion so he shared a video invitation on his facebook page. He reportedly said in the video that the party would have food, dances, live music, horse races etc.

To his utter surprise, about 1.2 million people landed at his house for his daughter's birthday party, courtesy the video invitation went viral on FB and garnered the attention of party-loving Mexicans.

The video received so much attention that a Mexican airline declared a 30% discount on flights to the people going to Rubi's birthday party.

The family was surprised at the number of guests but thanks to being well-off, they reportedly treated them very well.