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Telangana: BP For Hindus, Diabetes for Muslims

Telangana: BP For Hindus, Diabetes for Muslims

An analysis conducted on the demographic data and health in Telangana came out with the results that more Hindus are prone to Blood pressure and more Muslims are suffering from diabetes.

The study on health profiles from age groups 20-29 years to 30-39 years, the possibility of BP increases by 14 percent in Muslims males and the 12 percent in Hindus. On whole, Muslims are suffering less from hypertension at 31.2 percent, where as the Hindus suffering from the same are 38.1 percent.

8.2 Percent of Hindus are suffering from diabetes, while the percentage of high blood sugar in Muslims is 9. This data on Hindus and Muslims is obtained from the people above 20 years of age, for analysis. The deeper analysis on blood sugar level difference based on their living in rural and urban areas says, most Muslims living in crowded urban locations stay away from physical activities.

Food habits along with lifestyle become the reasons for these results. The study says that many Hindus take food that increases the blood pressure while majority of Muslims have carbohydrates and sugars in their food intake.

Not just that, the analysis report speaks more about health facilities and utilization. More than 70 percent of Hindus opt for private healthcare, but only 47 percent of Muslims prefer private healthcare facilities.

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