Pic Talk: The Beauty Queen Is Back 18 Days Before, A Hint On Demonitization

Regina Finally Speaks About Her Engagement

Regina Finally Speaks About Her Engagement

It is just a failed prank, if we have to believe what Regina says. Actress Regina tweeted a picture few days back, flaunting her hand in a man's hand and a shining ring on her finger. Not just that, but she has written 'Hitched..blush blush, God save him' on the picture.

Regina pulled it down few hours later and gave no clue about it after that. The actress finally decided to speak out, claiming that it was just for fun in an attempt to shock her fans on Twitter and nothing real in it. She exclaimed that the picture went on like a wildfire, which was the last thing she expected.

Not many are ready to buy her explanation, as any famous personality prank on social media will last in hours with a good revelation. But Regina staying mum for all these days and finally calling it a fun act, is raising more doubts.

When she was asked about her plans on 'real' marriage, the actress gives it to fate to decide the moment of joy. One thing Regina hinted strong is a love marriage and ruled out being in love already. There are rumors linking Regina and a Young Telugu hero since some time. Let us wait and check if it is the same hero and same ring on her 'real' wedding day!

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