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Anchor Addicted To Night Stays In Dubai!

Anchor Addicted To Night Stays In Dubai!

Female anchors and Tollywood have very close ties. Anchors, who especially aimed to make it big in film industry, have seen anchoring as an easy route to glamour industry. Anchoring brings good fame but money isn't big. Though very few top anchors have made good money as well, others haven't made that money and also offers are very limited. Not all anchors get offers from film industry.

So few among them are easily falling into the trap of flesh trade - with industry people and other big wigs. And to them, Dubai is the safe destination. Many anchors have made Dubai as a hub to have pleasure and also make big bucks. However, they'd stay not more than a day or two so that they won't catch anyone's attention.

Though this practice isn't new, but one such anchor has got used to it very well and making it a week-long business. She is often going to Dubai these days and staying there for a week or so and asking her clients to book in the same hotel and same floor of hers. Apparently, she confirms her Dubai trip only if three to four clients have confirmed in the week and having great time.

She is charging around 3 to 5 Lakh per day. She is reasonably popular and seen once in a while at audio launches too. While she is making decent money here as well, she seems to have got attracted to quick & easy money.

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