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A Bold Step Towards Clean Hyderabad!

A Bold Step Towards Clean Hyderabad!

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) looks to have come up with a revolutionary decision in its effort to make Hyderabad a clean city.

TS Minister KTR has instructed the authorities to fine the benefactors who resort to writings and pasting of posters on walls in the city limits. Enforcement Committees for each circle have already been constituted with Deputy Commissioner of Police as the Chief Enforcement Officer.

The job of these committees is to remove the already pasted posters and writings from the walls and fine whoever resorts to violation of rules.

The criteria of levying fine:

For Writings - Rs 1000,

For Posters - Rs 2000

For Banner & Cutouts - Rs 5000

This decision of the state govt. has come as a rude shock to film and political fraternities alike as posters, banners, writings etc. have been the major source of promotions for them over the years.

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