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Demonitization: Colleges Cheap Tricks

Demonitization: Colleges Cheap Tricks

Ever since Modi's flash announcement of demonetization, black money hoarders across the country have been frantically running from pillar to post to find ways to turn their hundreds of crores of black money into white.

Now, a majority of reputed colleges in the two Telugu states are believed to have become abodes of black money, where college authorities have been resorting to illegal means in a bid to turn their black money into white.

Apparently, these colleges, which usually employ hundreds of employees including teachers and adminstrative staff, are giving up to Rs. 50,000 to each employee and are asking them to deposit the money in their accounts and withdraw it and then return it in the form of new currency notes a week later.

Call it a fear of losing their jobs or being loyal to their employers in the tough times, most employees are obliging this shady request and are being part of a black money huge racket. Already, police have been raiding several colleges and booked cases on the managements.

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