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Transgender as Third Gender

Transgender as Third Gender

In a decision that has been hailed immediately by the community and activists of rights for the third genders, the Indian Railways and IRCTC have included transgender as there gender in the options apart from male and female while booking or cancelling train tickets with IRCTC both online and offline and full fare will be charged for the transgender tickets.

The decision was taken by the Indian Railways following a representation made by a Delhi-based lawyer named Jamshed Ansari after the Delhi high court in February had asked him to approach the Railways Ministry while disposing of his petition.

The Railways Ministry made the decision referring to the Supreme Court's direction of April 2014, stating that hijras, eunuchs, apart from binary gender should be treated as third gender for the purpose of safeguarding their rights under Part III of our Constitution and the laws made by the parliament and the State Legislature.

In his PIL, Jamshed Ansari alleged gross violation of Article 14, 15, 19 and 21 of the Constitution by Indian Railways and IRCTC non-inclusion of "transgender/third gender" as a gender option in its forms.

The lawyer had also sought compliance of the apex court judgment in which it directed the Centre and the state governments to recognise transgender as the third sex, and to provide them with the benefits accorded to socially and economically backward classes, including special coaches and reserved seats for the transgender community in all trains, for their "care and protection".

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