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Hero's Rs.18,000 Tip To Hotel Staff

Hero's Rs.18,000 Tip To Hotel Staff

Following the demonetization of higher denomination currency notes and due to RBI's improper handling of the aftereffects of demonetization, there has been a huge dearth of new Rs.500 and 2,000 currency notes. People who managed to get the new notes are feeling exhilarated.

In a scenario where spending and procuring new currency notes is done after cautious planning, imagine the joy of a few staff members at a restaurant receiving as much as Rs.18,000 new currency notes as a tip for their warm hospitality.

Recently, Bollywood action star Akshay Kumar went to an upscale Mumbai restaurant for a cozy dinner along with his wife Twinkle Khanna and his children.

Impressed by the staff's courteous service and quality food, Akshay gave the staff a tip of Rs.18,000 in new currency notes and also paid the entire bill in cash, much to the thrill of the hotel management.

Incidentally, Akshay is one of the highest paid stars in Bollywood and he frequently tops the list of stars who pay the highest tax each year.

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