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Now you can withdraw cash from Big Bazaar stores

Now you can withdraw cash from Big Bazaar stores

Two weeks has passed since the demonetization was rolled out in the nation but people still are standing outside banks and ATMs in queues to exchange old currency notes for new ones.

Either moved by watching the plight of common man or in its bid to 'make hay while the Sun shines', Big Bazaar management has now come up with a boisterous announcement of setting up mini ATMs at their 260 stores across the nation.

The government also on Tuesday confirmed this by issuing a statement saying that a maximum of Rs 2000 can be withdrawn from Big Bazaar stores using debit cards. This facility will be available across 260 Big Bazaar stores starting from this Thursday, 24th November.

This move is expected to ameliorate the hardships of public and also increase the footfalls in Big Bazaar stores.

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