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Classic Pic: Namrata with Mega Star

Classic Pic: Namrata with Mega Star

Here's a classic picture of Namrata Shirodkar with Indian Mega Star Amitabh Bachchan. The pic was taken during the 90s where all the top models then had struck pose with Big B. Mehr Rampal (Miss India 1986 and wife of Arjun Rampal), Madhu Sapre (Miss India 1992) and Namrata Shirodkar (Miss India 1993) were seen alongside Amitabh.

Namrata looked lean and stunning. It may be noted that Miss India 1993 was her turning point and she hasn't looked back since then as silver screen offers flooded for her. She subsequently entered into Telugu films and did a handful of films before getting married to Mahesh Babu and settle.

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