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Dying Girl Hopes To Comeback After 100 Years, Body Preserved

Dying Girl Hopes To Comeback After 100 Years, Body Preserved

A 14-year-old British girl, who died of a rare form of cancer, has reportedly convinced the court to deliver a first-of-its kind ruling by means of which her body can be preserved for hundreds of years.

The teen, who couldn't attend the court proceedings because of her terminal illness, had written to a judge explaining that she was only 14 and she didn't want to die. She also had expressed her wish of living longer.

The girl had written to the judge that she had researched and come across a process through which people are frozen (cryonics) with the hope that they would be brought back to life with the advancement in medicine in the future.

"I think cryonics gives me a chance to be cured and woken up after hundreds of years," she added in the letter. The girl also requested for her mother to be made the only person able to make decisions about her body.

After going through her moving letter, the judge has ruled in the girl's favor and described it as an unprecedented ruling. Post her death, her remains have been cryogenically frozen, as per her wish.

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